Monday, 7 September 2009


Less than four days ago we were packing up CR HQ and shoving fliers, posters, banners, costumes, shovels, candles, most of everything we keep in draws, into a car.  That car was heading for Sipson where it would meet Mr Bradford Steer esq and his three horses (Blossom, Kim and Maneita (sp!)) and two gypsy carts.  And it worked.  At precisely 7.30pm on Thursday 4th September we were standing next to three enormous horses unlocking the gate to the Sipson Airplot.  

Our first night was hectic.  Bending elder branches to form the frame of our tents.  Banging holes with a sledgehammer and whittling twigs into tent pegs.  Six fairly clueless Climate Rushers and one experienced traveller.  But as the moon rose and the planes stopped roaring over head we could lay down our tools and look at the camp we had created.  And it was perfect bliss.  A camp fire with a kettle boiling and two rushers heading down the local indian to pick up some veg curry (we let ourselves cheat just that once...)

The following day we dressed in our Suffragette finest, held our banners proud, were joined by the locals and headed for the perimeter fence of Heathrow Airport.  And wow!  The police stopped the traffic for us and gave us the best directions for causing havoc.  Such a welcome surprise.  As Tamsin broke her bail by going near an airport, the police just glanced merrily on.

Events of the Airplot went well.  Favourite moment - 2 am saturday night - locals and representatives from threatened communities (Rossport to Vestas to Glasgow) all drinking merry, listening to great music, having a party - and a bunch of locals turned to us and said 'thank you - we never even knew this land was here, for us'.  We can be sure they'll be using the allotment so wonderfully provided by Greenpeace from now on.

Now we're in heaven (well the camp is - I'm in Maccy D's using their wifi...) - a beautiful campsite near Beaconsfield.  We'll be in High Wycombe for lunch with the Environmental Institute before another blissful camp this eve.

Watch this space - we'll be blogging every day - and expect special guest blogs too.  In Aylesbury Caroline Lucas and Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstill are joining us - we'll see if we can get their words.


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