Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The road - 4 days worth - between Oxford and Stroud - photos

        Picking out the tune that Cadi taught us: 'yellow roses'.  Now we can be a rambling band of climate rushettes.  Bring on the Christmas number one...
                                     Mnyyummm - thank you kindly farmer.  Delishusness.
This is about as blustery as the sky has got these past two weeks that we've been on the road.  It's mental - where is the rain?!  Nowhere near the Climate Rush that's for sure.  Tamsin, our resident Christian (and wannabe evangelicising priest is freakin' us all out - she says that if it doesn't rain for the whole month (which would be a bit of a miracle - but shhhh) we ALL have to convert.  And if it does?!  Well she looks a little muddled at this point and mutters something about becoming an athiest.  As if - she'll wiggle her way outta that.  
          Joie and Dash are either ill, or faking illness, and so are allowed to sit on high.  Means that Joie gets all the good looks from passing cars - she is our Harvest Queen!
                                      Gloucestershire - home of the hippy - receive us well!
                                        And still more... Oh those Herbal Essence moments.
                                                                       Even freakier...
                                                     Three handed Cordelia - freaky!
                                              Joie de Winter with a cheeky smile...
                                                      Joie and Emma play hide and seek.
         A friendly farmer lets us charge through his corn fields and pick some for our dinner.
   Guess Fairfold is getting scared of climate collapse - check their sandbags against the river.
               This town, Fairfold, is so utterly ON IT.  Check out this sign outside their butchers.
                                         This is so utterly mega beautiful.  Lucky lucky us.
         Finally, Pat gets his own back on one of the girls he's sharing his month with... poor Joie!
On our way out of Oxford we go over this toll bridge and are the only vehicle that aren't asked to pay - thank you Oxford County Council for the free passage!
                              Brad riding up high with Climate Rush flags waving in the wind.
Cordelia with one of the rescue horses.  We shared the field with three horses.  This one had been so neglected that its hooves had rotted through.  After a year in a dark stable recovering she is now able to stand and run a bit, but will never be able to gallop with the others.
   And this is how you use it - with leisure and the latest 'harvest' copy of Here Comes the Sun.
                      The compost loo at our Oxford site.  One half for no.1s and the other side too.
Cordelia about to fall into the river that was at the foot of our Oxford camp - perfect for early morning swims and general chilled revelling.
                            Deborah in her pre-raphaelite 'Ophelia' pose.  She does it So well!
                                        Cadi is the flower girl.  Pretty meadows all the way.
                                             Cordelia and Fred (post arrest) horsing around
                    Oh most wondrous Nuala - lender of a field, giver of water and finest malt whisky.
                                          Climate Rush girls dancing on police lines.
                           Climate Rush picnic / road blockade outside London Oxford Airport...
                   The Climate Suffragettes hold strong on a Sunday afternoon in Central Oxford.
                                      Cordelia charms passers-by on Oxford's cornmarket
                             Ben joins the camp for a night and gets Well stuck in to wood whittling.


  1. Ladies!
    I love your stunt at Jeremy C.'s house - fantastic! I am not sure if you are passing Bath, but if you want diner tonight and a garden to park you tent & make use of the house etc you are welcome to stay at our place (me, hubby and two little kids).

    I love what you are doing!

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  3. You bunch of total TWATS! get a life and stop dumping shit on peoples drives. Sort your fucking lives out!